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Londons leading clinic for the treatment of ALL ear diseases


The London Ear clinic aims to provide excellence in the treatment of all conditions and diseases of the ear. This ranges from simple wax occlusion of the ear canals through issues relating to hearing loss to tumours of the skull base.

All three surgeons working at the LEC are fully trained ENT specialists who have superspecialised in treatment of ear related disorders.

The anatomy of the ear is one of the most complex areas in the whole body with the organs of hearing and balance, the facial nerve (providing movement to all the muscles of facial expression), the nerve of taste, the jugular vein and the carotid artery all found within a 4 cubic centimetre space. Diseases of the ear can affect any of these structures and surgeons working in this area need to have an intimate of this complex region of the body.

All three surgeons working at the LEC work for the NHS at the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital which is part of University College London NHS Foundation Trust.


London Ear Clinic

The Team

Mr Jeremy Lavy

Mr Jeremy Lavy


Mr Lavy is a Consultant Ear Surgeon at the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital. He specialises totally in ear surgery and was for many years Director of the UCL/RNTNE Cochlear Implant Programme. He has an interest in all conditions of the ear and his specialist area is stapes surgery where he has the biggest stapedectomy practice in the country.

Appointed Consultant Ear Surgeon at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in 2000 after completing training in London and Sydney, Australia.

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Professor Shakeel R. Saeed

Professor Shakeel R. Saeed

MBBS (Lon), MD (Man), FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (ORL)

Prof Saeed is Professor of Otology / Neuro-otology University College London, Ear Institute.
Consultant ENT and Skullbase Surgeon, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London.

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Mr Sherif S. Khalil

Mr Sherif S. Khalil


Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon

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Professor Saeed elected President of the European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology

In 2018, Professor Saeed was elected President of the European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology.This is a great honour and reflects the high esteem he is held in by his peers in the UK and across Europe for his devotion to helping patients with ear disorders as well as his research seeking solutions for hearing loss.As part of his presidential role, Prof Saeed will be convening the major EAONO conference in London in September 2020.

Jeremy Lavy visits Ethiopia

Mr Lavy is UK Director of GEO (Global ENT Outreach) a charity dedicated to providing ENT care in some of the most deprived countries in the world.  He has recently returned from a trip to Mekele University hospital in Northern Ethiopia where he taught and undertook...

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