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The London ear clinic comprises five of central London’s well renowned consultant ENT surgeons specialising in diseases of the ear, hearing and balance. All of the team work in busy tertiary London NHS teaching hospitals.

Our philosophy is that by specialising specifically in otology, we can provide more advanced care and the best outcomes for patients. By working as a group we have been able to put together a gold standard, multidisciplinary team and audiological services, meaning we can provide all types of auditory implant surgery under one roof to provide patients in a way that would typically be very difficult to otherwise.


Who are the London Ear Clinic?

Where are we based?

The clinic consultations take place in dedicated ENT floor within One Welbeck, which is fully kitted out with equipment for all the common ENT procedures. We also have access to same-appointment audiology testing on demand.


Our Testing is done in a fully sound proofed environment, meaning we have the highest quality results and the ability to make a diagnois within one visit. Within the building are also a dedicated imaging centre, giving access to CT, MRI and ultrasound, sometimes with same day appointments.


Our day surgery operating theatres are on the 1st floor, where we provide full general anesthetic and sedation otologic surgery. Our two practice managers, Mandy and Candice, are also based on site, meaning patients have face to face access for queries of any type.

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